Regardless of the solution you are interested in, we help you set requirements for the various processes in your workflows. Together we will find the right systems and tools needed to facilitate your desired effect.

Requirements setting is an incredibly important step to end up right within the scope of the function. A poorly executed set of requirements can mean that you buy a system that is far too expensive in relation to what you need, as you might pay for a lot of extra functions that do not add value or desired effect. In the same way, an underestimation of what functionality will be needed in the long run can mean that you got a cheap system, which you then have to replace much earlier than expected as it was not possible to grow with the solution.

Getting help from Omnitas Consulting with the set of requirements means that you will get a solution that is well-balanced. Both for what you need here and now, but also take into account your future development in the short and long term.

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