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One platform for all agreements — Oneflow

With Oneflow, you get a close look at all your contracts, whether it is a client contract, supplier contract, or employment contract. With this flexible and interactive solution, you avoid unnecessary administration, keep every contract in one place and move more quickly towards a signed deal.


Create agreements with drag 'n drop

Drag and drop text blocks, images, product and price tables and more into your contract template. Once you have created a template, you can reuse it again and again.

Works on all devices

The agreements are 100% mobile—adapted. This means that your counterparty, whether a prospect, customer, candidate, or reseller, can review and sign the agreement anytime, anywhere.

No more PDFs

Are you tired of having to open a Word document, save as PDF and recharge every time you need to make a change to your contract? Will it be difficult to keep track of which version of the agreement is the latest?

Not with Oneflow, there is only one version here. You edit directly in the platform and your counterparty easily sees the change. This increases your conversion rate, and you can easily make changes and get signed in a sitting meeting!

Digital transformation

Our world is undergoing huge digital transformation. But contracts are stuck in the dark ages: a frustrating mess of legacy systems, paper, and PDFs — stuck together with an e-signature. 

Oneflow imagines a better contract workflow. One free from friction that flows seamlessly. Where contracts are effortless, admin non-existent, and progress made at the tap of a button. 

That is what Oneflow have built, making contracts smarter.

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Do you want to know more about Oneflow?

We at Omnitas are available for support, consultation and implementation of Oneflow. Book a meeting with us, and we will tell you more!