Digital Transformation

The definition of a digital transformation can easily be described as the replacement of non-digital or manual processes to a completely digital process. Or the replacement of older digital technologies with newer digital tools and software systems. 

It is easy to believe that digitalization involves video conferencing and the introduction of heavy business systems. Fortunately, this is not really the case. Digitization does not mean that tools such as whiteboards, conversations, meetings and interactions are not important.

For Omnitas, digitalization means that we move the formal process to a digital system. Which in turn will support the employees and help you drive your processes forward, ensure that you do not lose information and that reporting and handovers take place on time. All this in order for employees to be allowed to be as creative and free as they need to be. Which will make it possible for you to be able to deliver market-leading products and services in your area.

It is important that digitalization is seen as an opportunity for creative work. A system must take responsibility for driving the process to enable creativity to flow in the solution of the task. However, a poorly balanced system can quickly become an obstacle to both individual and organizational creativity, which will quickly lead to quality deficiency costs, reduced job satisfaction and in turn a poorer job.

As a digital consultancy agency, we at Omnitas help companies to digitize and streamline workflows no matter of industry or size. Digital transformation in various sizes and shapes is our specialty. No matter your presented pain points or your desired effect, Omnitas will assist you throughout the whole process.

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