Business Blueprint / Flowchart

One of the deliverables we can produce is a business blueprint of the current and/or desired workflow. This type of flowchart is used to understand what needs to be done in order to achieve your desired effect. With a few additions, the flowchart can be enhanced to become a Critical Path Analysis (CPA) which helps you identify standard runtime, time dependencies, and the most critical steps in your workflow to focus on supporting them.

It is always beneficial to have a flowchart as part of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to visualize it. There are however a few instances where a flowchart is even more important:

  • You are designing a new workflow.
  • You are reviewing a workflow and are trying to identify how to best optimize the workflow.
  • You want to train your personnel on a specific process.
  • You are looking to purchase new software to support your processes. Having a flowchart to attach to the tender documents will help the suppliers to better fill your needs.

Action list

We at Omnitas can assist you with a concrete action list focused on actions needed to be taken by your organizations to reach your desired outcome. Usually, but not necessarily, built as an add-on to a flowchart that details which actions need to be taken at which steps in order to optimize the workflow in order to attain the desired effect.

An action list gives your organization something tangible to work on. It can also function as an implementation plan to manage on your own or under the guidance of one of our experienced change managers.

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