Project and Change Management

Omnitas’ consultants are experienced project and change managers, and they have lead major changes in both small and large companies. Change management is an important aspect in all types of change, regardless of whether they are organizational or system-based.

Change management is about guiding individuals, groups and organizations from where they are today to a desired final position in a structured way. The focus should be about creating relevant behavioral changes that match the desired effect. A well-designed system will contribute to the desired understanding and behavior change, but no matter how good a system support is, it will always require business rules and people who make the right decisions with the support of the tool.

Therefore, change management focuses a lot on getting the employees on the track and that they perceive involvement and influence in the process. A successful change is long-term and lays the foundation for continued development in the future, which requires employees to embrace the change and play on the same team. Much of the change work aims to communicate, inform and educate the employees about the change and its desired benefit.

Many times, both management and employees experience safety when an external change manager supports the process in an objective way. While at the same time work  together with the regular management structure. Omnitas Consulting can support you in planning and implementing the digital change, either as a leader or coach.

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