Total control with is a work operating system (Work OS). With their platform, you can manage all types of workflow and processes in one place. Omnitas is a partner. platinum partner

Omnitas Consulting is a platinum partner of, meaning that we are here to help you adapt and implement any monday solution that is required for your desired effect. 

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World leading at what we do

For two years in a row, Omnitas has been awarded as the best professional service partner for This means that we are the world leading consultancy agency of implementing monday into your business. 


Your Work OS

Instead of you as a user adapting to your system, offers you the building blocks for creating and optimizing a system  based on how you want to work, completely without coding. The purpose is not only to optimize isolated flows, but also to give users the opportunity to gather as many workflows and processes as possible in one place to facilitate collaboration, work, and communication.

For example, it is common for to build a CRM system linked to a production or delivery process, which in turn is supported by a support flow.

The flexibility means that can be used by all types of organizations, in all sizes and in all parts of the organization. In other words, is a digital workplace that takes into account the needs of both the individual person and team as well as the overall organization to ensure that everyone receives the system they need while working towards common goals.


“ Work OS is an open platform where anyone can create the tools they need to run every aspect of their work. By combining building blocks, like Apps and integrations, teams can build or customize the solutions of their dreams.״ partner

Intuitive, visual, and designed for everyone

As important as it is with a competent system, it is also important that the system is user-friendly for all types of users. is developed with user-friendliness in focus and offers a very visual and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. In this way, information in the platform is easy to consume and more complex functions such as automations become useful for everyone. With the help of automations, you can also minimize administration and let the system do the work for you. is a world leading solution

Today, is used by more than 100,000 teams worldwide and more than 75% of these users are not from technical organizations.

One platform that does it all

With you have one system for everything. As a Work OS, acts as the core of an organization’s workflow and processes, and lays the foundation for information flows. grants you full communication capabilities in relevant contexts and the ability to email directly to and from the system. Form functionality for retrieving data directly into the system is a native feature as well as functions for displaying information from externally.

Talking about external, the ability to work with external parties directly in is free of charge through their guest system.

And there are integrations to several file management systems such as Gdrive, Dropbox and OneDrive and over 37 other native integrations to other systems. mobile app

Useful for the entire organization supports all levels of an organization, from the employees’ everyday lives to the management team’s overview and decision-making.

Key features in a Work OS

Customizable building blocks uses flexible functionality in order to adapt workflows based on each organization’s needs. With an intuitive and visual drag-and-drop interface, the platform is user-friendly for all industries.

Structured data storage records, structures, and presents data as users work as usual. In this way, no additional administration is required to generate important information and decision material.

Integrations allows full integration. With a variety of standard integrations, users can automate information exchange with other systems to create a common workplace. An open and modern API opens up for total integration.

Automated workflows offers automations for almost all scenarios in a workflow and can facilitate administratively heavy work as well as reduce the risk of human error.

Visualization and analysis of data can compile and present all the information that is entered into the platform to support all parts of the organization. This way, you always get updated reports presented in a visually tailored way to your needs.

Permissions and security allows users to set access restrictions themselves as needed, whether at the process, function or user level. With world-leading digital security and key certifications, users can always feel safe with as their Work OS.

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