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MailerLite is an all-in-one email marketing software, where you can create and send newsletters and receive reports on your subscribers’ activity. The MailerLite editor provides a clean, simple, and easy-to-use workspace both for new and advanced users.
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Table of Contents

MailerLite Classic

Over time MailerLite has become an advanced email marketing tool that offers not only emailing tools but also landing pages, websites, pop-ups, advanced automations, and much more.
The current MailerLite will be referred to as the ‘MailerLite Classic’ and will keep functioning.

Note: “Current MailerLite users will have an option to continue using the MailerLite Classic and transition to the new version when they’re ready. Starting March 22nd, all new account sign-ups will have access to the new MailerLite.”

Introducing the new MailerLite

Released on March 22nd, the new MailerLite is both faster and more flexible than the Classic version. In order to adapt and prepare for a digital future, the new MailerLite was built from the ground up.

It comes with upgrades like:

  • New and flexible foundation to make adding new features faster
  • New design layout, dark mode, improved overall UI flow
  • Analyze campaigns with an updated reporting dashboard
  • Grow your profit with e-commerce focused integrations
  • Create, merge and send campaigns with the new mobile app for iOS
  • Collect leads offline with the new iPad subscriber app
  • Data-driven tools including Facebook custom audiences and multi-trigger automation

Faster loading time

Scale your business with the new Mailerlite as it has a better technology stack that can scale with the latest features. A long-term deal with Google Cloud is set to provide the best experience to the users. The new MailerLite has taken 2 years to build from the ground up to improve the speed and scalability of the platform. Enjoy your work and create newsletters, automations, landing pages, websites, etc. smoother and quicker.

More efficient user interface (UI)

The UI has been updated to be more user-friendly, intuitive, and faster. The reason for the update is to help the user find the right tools that work together that suit their needs best. The new UI design is sleek and intuitive, so the users can find the tools they need even more quickly.

You can also work in dark mode now! Reduce visual fatigue and eye strain while working long hours with the new dark mode.

Reporting dashboard updates

The key to a successful marketing campaign is reporting. MailerLite’s reporting dashboard allows you to get all the insight to consistently learn and improve.

With the updated dashboard, you get to :

  • Monitor your campaign performance metrics all in one dashboard, so you can make informed decisions quickly.
  • Have an overview of your best-performing automations, signup form activity, automation performance, and e-commerce conversion rates.
  • Get a deeper insight into your reports with visual graphs, charts, and a list of assets that helps you digest the data quickly.

New and improved workflow automations

Automations help you save time and money, and you can instantly react to your audiences. With MailerLite’s new automations, you get to stay ahead of your audience.

  • Sync your subscriber segments with Facebook users and find the ones who have similar interests using Facebook custom audiences. You can then use Facebook advertising to show ads to people that are most like your subscribers.
  • Connect with any store to use the customer data via the new E-commerce API and set up targeted campaigns like abandoned cart automation, post-purchase emails, order tracking, and product import. 

Beyond email marketing

Although the main purpose of MailerLite is for email marketing, there are other features that can help further your digital marketing efforts. MailerLite offers landing page and website builders, pop-ups, and much more. These features are all there to speed up and ease the process of digital marketing.

Improved MailerLite Manager and Subscribe apps

The two iOS mobile apps called the Mailerlite Manager app and the Subscribe app have been rebuilt.
The Manager app gives you all the main email marketing tools you need on your iPhone and iPad. The new app allows you to:

  • Compose and send emails from your mobile device
  • Track your campaign performance 
  • Access, preview, schedule or cancel your campaigns
  • Manage your existing and new subscribers’ activities
  • Monitor your signup form performance
  • Access your account setting

We are beyond excited to start using the new MailerLite and all of its new features! To learn more about MailerLite, visit our partner’s page:

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