Updates in monday.com Aug 2021

monday updates in august

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Summer is over and at least most of us is back at work, either from home or maybe finally back in the office.

monday.com however has not been feeling the vacation mode but instead pushed out some new and truly great features for us. Since it's been some time since we last posted on feature updates, we'll try to back the tape up a bit and see what's the bigger points of interest since spring.
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Table of Contents

Here are eight great monday.com updates for you to learn more about.

1. Subitems

As of now, you can freely convert items to subitems or subitems into items. This is a highly requested feature that will be a game changer for many. One simple use case is for example when a subheading in a project needs to become a project (item) of its own.

It’s also great for keeping your boards tidy – now you can move small one of items into a folder item, for example.

Another thing that been added is the ability to use dependencies not only between items, but now also between items to subitems and subitems to subitems.

Subitems are rapidly becoming a staple of monday.com and are changing how we construct our workflows. And in my humble opinion, it’s nothing short of great!

2. The formula column

The formula column have gotten a face lift and some neat new features like autofill of your columns when you start typing. The interface has also increased in size so that you with ease can create longer and more complex formulas.

This is such a great thing that we will have a stand-alone post on this – keep tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to get notified.

3. Kanban cards

The Kanban cards can now support a much wider range of column types. For example, Dropdown and text are now usable.

For all of you who have been using Trello previously and in your wisdom have switched to the more competent monday.com. You can now add images to your Kanban cards. Just put them in a file column and your good to go! You have been asking for it – now you’ve got it!

4. Connect to multiple boards

The connect to multiple boards feature is now released to all. Some of you that have been working with us at Omnitas have had this feature for a while. But now anyone can use it.

Be sure to check it out. Do you have boards where you have needed to have several connect columns in order to be able to connect to different boards? Well no more!

5. Voice notes for mobile app

Are you out in the field often, and need to make updates to monday.com? Now you can do it using your voice!

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet – make sure you do! Here are the links for both App Store and Google Play.

6. Baseline

Since just before summer, monday.com release the baseline feature to your timelines and Gantt charts.

Baseline helps you to analyze the difference between planned and actual schedule in your projects and easily spot delays. Have a look at this film!

7. Excel import

Excel import just got a whole lot easier. monday.com will now help you with checking for duplicates, mapping the right columns or just skip certain rows!

Here’s a short clip (3:23) highlighting the new features. 

8. monday workdocs

With monday workdocs you will go to the next level in your workflow. Workdocs will become your team’s collaboration hub. Here you can collaborate, brainstorm, plan and even add to your monday boards. It is the multimedia whiteboard you always wanted.


Since we at Omnitas, as monday.com Platinum partners, are privy to not yet public information, we can tell you that the planned updates for this autumn is going to rock your world. Keep tuned, and we’ll keep you up to date as soon as we can!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter as well. We are going to start to send it monthly as not to spam your inboxes!

Omnitas is growing want to learn more about our new co-workers, check out our autumn article.

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