monday workdocs will change the way your team works


We here at Omnitas think it the ultimate Work OS with its integrations and automations. The great innovators at have now added an even better workflow for you and your team to collaborate with your documents.

Updates in Aug 2021

monday updates in august

Summer is over and at least most of us is back at work, either from home or maybe finally back in the office. however has not been feeling the vacation mode but instead pushed out some new and truly great features for us. Since it’s been some time since we last posted on feature updates, we’ll try to back the tape up a bit and see what’s the bigger points of interest since spring.

Visit Sweden selects Omnitas Consulting for implementation of their new CRM system

2021-06-14 Stockholm, Sweden: Visit Sweden selects Omnita’s Consulting for implementation, support and assistance through their digitalization process. Visit Sweden will start working with as a CRM system through Omnitas Consulting’s implementation of the platform. The procurement ended on May 24, and the agreement was signed on June 10. According to the evaluation data presented […]

Project Management <br> Expectations VS reality

Project management is a complex process, and sometimes things just don’t go as smoothly as you planned and hoped for. There will be high expectations from the projects’ management group, team members and stakeholders when planning and then later on implementing a project. How do you meet these expectations in reality when the project is running?