’s product updates (Edition 10)

Product updates 2022

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A great part of using software as a service or commonly known as SaaS is the constant improvements and updates. Let’s go through what is new from edition 10 June 2022.
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Table of Contents

New Kanban feature

A much loved feature in is the Kanban cards. Now you can instantly sort your Kanban cards. Instead of scrolling through, simply sort your Kanban cards by any column you want. Get all the relevant information you need right away. Sort your Kanban cards by priority to instantly visualize your most urgent work.

Sort your Kanban cards

Pending team users

Get new team members onboard faster by adding pending users to your team and boards. Get everything setup while you wait for their invite acceptance. Even before they accept the invitation, you add them to relevant boards for a quick start. 

WorkForms security

The new’s product WorkForms have added more security. This helps you to know it’s not a computer filling out your forms, or you can add more restrictions by make it a private form. You can now add an extra layer of protection to your WorkForms with reCAPTCHA verification and private forms. You can also restrict your WorkForms to only work for logged in users and redirect anyone else to the login page.

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