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In collaboration with and Make we’re continuously hosting exclusive in-person events. Made to give business professionals a space to get insights into the future of work management. Sign up for an event near you and read more through the link below!

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Our partnership with enables us to create fluid, seamless workflows that drive your business forward, helping you save valuable time and resources.

Cut through the chaos of bottlenecks, streamline operations, and discover how the right approach to project management can revolutionize your workflow. 

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Omnitas is your gateway to a universe of premier SaaS solutions. Our partner portfolio, comprised of the most innovative leaders in the tech space, is designed to tackle any challenge thrown your way in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Embrace the future of work and transform your operational landscape with us.

Award-winning expertise in solutions’s Work OS empowers teams to develop workflow apps quickly and efficiently. As an award-winning partner, Omnitas Consulting is proud to be recognized as the “Best Professional Service Partner for” for three years running.

We are not just partners – we are leaders in providing outstanding support, consultation, and implementation of Experience the best with Omnitas Consulting.

From upcoming live webinars to on-demand sessions, the latest digital trends, insightful tips, press releases, and riveting blogs, our hub is your go-to destination for all things Omnitas. Be informed, be updated, be ahead – Discover our Knowledge Hub now.

Solutions & Apps

Report time with Omnitas Time Reporting Solution

Time reporting in has never been easier!
With the Omnitas Time Reporting Solution app for, you can directly report time to your clients, projects, and activities. By installing the Omnitas Time Reporting Solution app you can expand on’s native functionalities without the need for 3rd party time reporting services or integrations.

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