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Why Choose Omnitas' PSO?

Discover what sets us and our solution apart from the competition

all-in-one solution for professional services operations

One-stop solution within

Our solution is fully embedded within, providing a unified platform for all your consultancy needs. No need to switch between multiple tools.

elimination of silos in your professional services operations

Elimination of silos

Break down communication barriers between departments. Ensure everyone from sales to project teams is aligned and informed.

enhanced communication

Enhanced internal & client communication

Improve transparency and keep your clients in the loop with real-time updates. Easily share project status, milestones, and reports.

project reporting and tracking

Real-time project tracking & reporting

Monitor project progress and team performance in real-time. Make data-driven decisions with up-to-date information.

automated invoicing

Automated invoicing

Save time and reduce errors with automated invoicing. Ensure accurate billing based on a fixed price or actual time reported.


Full transparency with clients

Invite clients into specific boards and views, allowing them to see project progress and updates in real-time. Build trust through transparency.

The All-In-One Solution for Your Professional Services Operations - How Does it Work?

professional services operations suite structure

1. Lead Management

Effortlessly capture and track all incoming leads in a centralized place. Ensure no lead is ever missed with our intuitive lead management system. Automatically distribute lead information across contact, company, and opportunity boards to ensure comprehensive tracking.

lead management in for your professional services operations
contact and company management in for your professional services operations

2. Contact & Company Management

Automatically organize and update contact and company information. Our solution prevents duplicate entries, ensuring that contact and company details are organized and up-to-date.

3. Opportunity Tracking

Monitor and manage sales opportunities with ease. Forecast closing probabilities, and deal values, and ensure every opportunity is pursued effectively.

opportunity tracking in for your professional services operations
project management in for your professional services operations

4. Project Management

Once a deal is won, it’s automatically transitioned into the projects board. Plan tasks, assign teams, and track progress all within one platform.

5. Time Reporting & Planning

Simplify time planning and tracking for your team. Connect time reporting with project tasks and ensure accurate, real-time reporting. Additionally, our unique Role/Skills board offers a comprehensive overview of team-specific capacity for incoming projects, further simplifying the planning process.

planning and resource allocation in for your professional services operations
invoicing in for your professional services operations

6. Invoicing Automation

Automate your invoicing process. Generate invoices based on reported hours or fixed fees. Reduce manual work and ensure timely billing.

Add-on Features

Extend the capabilities of the PSO solution with our add-ons

Social Media Suite

We can integrate your social media platforms into, enabling you to handle all your social media scheduling and content production within a single platform.


We can integrate your preferred cloud storage, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc, with This allows for automatic creation of folder structures with relevant templated documents connected to each client based on project type. 


Supercharge your lead generation process with our Chrome extension OmniEnricher. This add-on enriches new leads with relevant information such as address, revenue, number of employees, and more. Gain valuable insights to tailor your approach and maximize conversion rates.

Outreach Helper

By analyzing the company’s website and LinkedIn, the Outreach Helper generates valuable insights and creates bullet points outlining potential pain points. It also crafts effective outreach emails for you to start meaningful conversations with your prospects.

Meeting Assistant

Compatible with Google Meet, Teams, Zoom, and more, the Meeting Assistant transcribes your online meetings, provides a summary, and generates action points for follow-up. Stay organized and ensure nothing falls through the cracks after your meetings.

Contract Generator

Simplify the closing process with our Contract Generator add-on. Automatically generate contracts based on company and contact information stored in your boards, and seamlessly send them to clients for signing.

Seamless Integrations

We handle all integrations – so you don’t have to

Email Integration

Connect your existing email host to streamline communication and ensure all client interactions are logged within the platform.

Bookkeeping Integration

Automatic sync with your bookkeeping software for seamless financial management and accurate invoicing.

Security & Privacy

Make sure that your data is kept confidential with the right people in the right place. is dedicated to protecting all customers’ data, and they follow the strictest security measures on the market to secure and protect your data. Their global privacy program is based on the most comprehensive and advanced data protection legislation, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your Data Will Never Leave Your Account

To ensure the best security for your data, our solution will keep all your data within your account. There are no transfers to external servers unless you choose to integrate with other software. If you opt for integrations, only the necessary data will be transferred to ensure seamless operation, and even then, stringent security measures are in place to protect your data during these transfers.

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