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The team at Omnitas Consulting has built a secure web portal for custom ticketing and support in This is an issue tracking system, also known as an ITS, trouble ticket system, support ticket, request management or incident ticket system. Omnitas’ ticketing solution manages and maintains and organizes lists of issues in your account. Join our free webinar where we’ll talk about it and show you how it works. Say goodbye to expensive ticketing software and say hello to our custom solution!

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Keeping your customers up to date with how a ticket is being processed as well as requesting more information from them without creating a never ending stream of new tickets is a thing of the past. With Omnitas brand new ticketing portal powered by Make, we can now read items live from your account and present them to your clients via the portal. 

The portal allows for two-way communication and file submission. The users (external or internal) can access the relevant information without having to be a user.  If allowed, the client can add further information and even change field values.

This is the next big thing when it comes to ticketing in and it truly makes a competitor to the likes of Freshdesk and Zendesk.

Do not miss this webinar and learn all about how we can customize a portal for your needs. 

See you there!

Talking points:

  • Walkthrough of what we have built
  • Who will get the best use of our great solution
  • Type of use cases
  • Configuring the portal
  • Q&A

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