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Our free build with us webinar is now at part four. Here, we will show you how to build a workflow for the company’s sales & marketing team in Our CEO and implementation expert Thomas M Karlsson once again will show you how to best configure to meet your needs.

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Build with us part four will start with the marketing calendar on the highest level. Then go through creatives campaigns. With all its strategies and production. Marketing can get a high workload which needs to be monitored. Thomas will show you the best way to monitor and delegate workload. What team can take on more work and what team needs help. 

In our series build with us, you will see all the possibilities and the wide range of a account and its Work OS. You no longer need multiple software in all your different departments. A perfect workflow between your whole company. Where you can interact with the people and departments you need for each project. 

Talking points:

  •  Marketing calendar
  •  Campaign strategy
  •  Creative intake
  •  Content production
  • Workload management

What do you want to build in

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Join our YouTube channel and watch build with us part one, two and three.

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