Omnitas Custom Ticketing Portal

Manage, maintain and organize lists of issues in your account. Communicate with your customers through our two-way ticketing portal.

Ticketing Portal for

With the power of Make (formerly Integromat) we have built Omnitas Custom Ticketing Portal for Now, users (external or internal) can access a case’s information despite not being a user of that platform (for example, 

Forget having several pieces of software with license fees and unlimited open tabs on your computer. 

We at Omnitas created a ticketing portal to make life easier by allowing a two-way communication between you and those who might not be using 

CRM support in one place

This way you can have your CRM data, project data, clients, and your support cases all in one place. Expand’s great Work OS to also include your ticketing system. 

Two-way ticketing portal

External or internal users can access the relevant information without having to be a user.

Powered by Make (formerly Integromat)

No need for a third party software or extra integrations. Manage everything within your account.

One software to replace them all

Forget having several pieces of software with license fees and unlimited open tabs on your computer.

Why we develop a custom portal

We created this portal based on the high demand for additional functionalities when using We are showing the ability to use with the power of Make to generate intractable content that is available externally, which can also generate input back into 

Use cases for ticketing portal

The ticketing portal can be utilized for internal or external uses. 
The portal can be used as a product list of any item you choose.
If you have a long product list, you can build a filter or search in your portal. 

My portal ticket

Internal ticketing portal

You can customize the portal to look the way you want and have the items you want. As an example of internal use, as an onboarding portal. Let your new employees fill out what they need to get up and running. Need a computer or phone, need to download a PDF of the companies values or rules of conduct.

External ticketing portal

As an external portal, Omnitas Custom Ticketing Portal has great potential to ease the friction between customers and your company. Get a positive response by your efficiency and willingness to help. Use it to gather information about your customer’s needs and help them solve their problem. Do they need to repair an item or help to solve an issue in your subscription? You customize the ticketing portal to your needs. 

An example of a portal use case

Someone requesting work by filling some variables. We have additional columns that in turn presents the quote. Once you fill it out, you change the status. Then you will be notified by an email to approve your quote. You can also have questions and conversations about the quote. You can allow a status column to be changed as the approval or rejection of the quote.

To clarify this, we have made a demo page for you to try out. 

Why do you need the Omnitas Custom Ticketing Portal?

In this case, we have built a ticketing portal for We can build it for other SaaS solutions too. In this case it for, but we can build a custom ticketing portal for Asana, Jira and more.  For now, let’s talk about Omnitas Custom Ticketing Portal for 

Omnitas ticketing portal eliminates the need for guest passes, viewer permission or shared views on your account. That means your portal allows you to communicate with people who have no account.

Can’t I do this by having guest users in my account?

To get started, you will need to do a new guest account for all new users. Guest users have limited access to the host account in terms of viewing and editing boards and dashboards. This adds limits to your integration with outside users. We want this to be a smooth ride. Same with “Item Viewing Permissions”. They come with their own set of limitations. “Guest users have limited access to the host account in terms of viewing and editing boards and dashboards. ”

The Omnitas Custom Ticketing Portal is created, so you can surpass those limitations and freely communicate and collaborate with those you want that don’t have access to your account

They shouldn’t even be viewers, even if we have item-level permission. You want to have a two-way communication/ collaboration on your terms. 

Start the ticketing process

How do we get a ticket in to your board? We start by building a form from your board. The board you want to gather all the information to. You can use the built-in form or’s new product Workforms. If you prefer other form services like Typeform or JotForm, you can do your own integration. 

When a form is filled out, a notification is sent out to your team, and they start working on the ticket. The portal sends an email to the person with the ticket number & a URL that allows them to keep track of their ticket.

If the submitter has multiple tickets, you can use a login portal to organize all of them in one place. A login portal is a great way to utilize a visitor’s experience and have one place for all the tickets. 

This whole process is powered by Make which presents the two-way portal. 

Once you see your tickets, their names, deadlines, etc, you click them and can access all the information related to them. There is also a chat option, and the chat discussion will go back to the board. You can set up webhooks so that when a support operator communicates with the client, they will automatically be updated on their ticket. Great for everyone. The ticket holder will see that you are working on it and see all your conversations. 

Various configurations

Some of the tasks we can configure in the Omnitas Custom Ticketing Portal. Omnitas can help you customize the portal to your needs.


  • Straight to the ticket (URL) 
  • Email
  • Ticket number
  • Email + Ticket number
  • User/password
  • SSO
  • Remove the login option and replace it with a URL that takes you to your ticket
  • Email as the sole variable that you enter
  • Enter your ticket number
  • have two factors or two variables (ex: Email + Ticket number or Username+ Password) 
  • For internal use within your company – Connect this to a single sign-on to your active directory.


  • List view Yes/No
  • Detailed Ticket view Yes/No
  • Group ticket
  • CSS


  • Communication
  • File upload
  • Display column values
  • Change column values


Choose which columns to display on the page, as you won’t be needing all of them. There are external and Internal columns available. You can also decide if you want your columns to be changeable. 

  • List view Yes/No – With list view once you’re logged in, you accessed all your tickets.
  • If you want the detailed ticket view Yes/ No – Some organizations want to present the list, so they can skip the detailed view
  • Group the ticket in any way that fits your needs (the portal currently is set on “my tickets” and “collaboration tickets”). Your tickets can be grouped by their type. 
  • Full CSS styling is available, so you can customize your portal to match your company’s brand and look. 


As this is a custom build, we need to know more about what customizations you would like to include in your portal. Please book a meeting with us where we can discuss it further.

In depth webinar recording

As this is a custom build, we need to know more about what customizations you would like to include in your portal. Please book a meeting with us where we can discuss it further.

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