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Table of Contents

From the 22nd to the 23rd of February, Omnitas will attend the Sales & Marketing Expo at Kistamässan with our partners at This event is Sweden’s biggest conference and meeting point for people working within sales and marketing. At this event, you’ll be able to meet and talk with lots of different companies who’ll show you the latest technologies and innovations within the industry.


Get to know the products that’ll set the tone for the future in sales and marketing

Many companies will display their products and solutions for you to get acquainted with. Among these, there’ll be sales systems, lead-generating tools, CRM tools, marketing automation, IT infrastructure, digital tools for SEO, SoMe, Email marketing, and much more. To give you a little teaser, we are launching a bunch of new add-ons for and we’re going to display a few of our CRM-related ones at the sales and marketing expo.


Inspirational speeches on open stages

You’ll not only be able to walk around the fair and visit our booth among others, but you can also attend the many different seminars on the three open stages where key people from different companies will entertain you with inspiring discussions continuously throughout the two days of the event. One of the speeches will even be held by our two and only CEO Thomas and CRO Fredrik, which definitely is something to add to your calendars.


Top-class conferences at the sales and marketing expo

Besides this, you’ll also get the possibility to attend some top-class conferences. Here you’ll be able to listen to speeches about how people and organizations develop and reach success through creative thinking and new technology.


Morning seminars & networking mingle

You can start your days at the event with inspiring insights from different speakers at the morning seminars. Or if you’re no early bird, there’ll be networking mingles in the evening where you’ll be able to meet industry colleagues as well as enjoy some artist performances and other surprises.


Free entry & access to speeches and mingles

As the icing on this lovely cake of goodness, click the button below where you can sign up for the event and get free entry and access to the open-stage speeches as well as free sign-up for the morning seminars and networking mingles. Doesn’t this sound like an offer that you can’t refuse?

Book a personal demo with us

While you’re at it with getting the ticket to the event, why not book a personal demo with one of us? Click the button below to get your hands on a time slot and we’ll guide you through what our new solutions can do for you!

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