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Tired of juggling multiple boards and external tools to plan resources in Try OmniPlanner today!

budget and resource management

Allocate resources with ease

OmniPlanner is here to revolutionize the way you plan resources within, seamlessly integrating budget and resource management into your existing workflow. Allocate and track time, personnel, money, FTE, or any other resource effortlessly.

resource allocation - plan resources with ease.

OmniPlanner in action

Discover a unified and streamlined way to allocate resources. Watch the video for a walkthrough of the features, board views and workspace setup of OmniPlanner.

Centralised resource management

No more scattered data. With OmniPlanner, you can unify information from different boards in This provides a comprehensive view of your resources.

Versatile use cases

Whether it’s for project resource allocation, marketing budgets, salary planning, consulting hours, IT investments, paid marketing, or any other resource allocation – OmniPlanner has you covered.

Enhanced visibility

Get a clear view of how resources are distributed across departments, projects, geographical regions etc.

budget and resource allocation board in - plan resources with ease.

Improve your productivity

OmniPlanner will give you an integrated and secure solution for planning resources. Sort your data by day, week, month, quarter, or year and filter by up to four hierarchical levels.

  • Overview of resources 
  • Access to real-time progress
  • Easy to manage

OmniPlanner's key features board for budget and resource management - plan resources.

Intuitive resource allocation view

Easily manage resources across multiple projects and boards. See at a glance how your resources are allocated.

customized budget and resource management

Customizable constraints

Eliminate the risk of misallocating resources and make it easier to find relevant subsets with our constraints function that allows you to choose where specific resources can be allocated.

budgeting and resource allocation with hierarchical segmentation - planning resources.

Hierarchical segmentation

Delve deeper into your budget and resource allocation with our hierarchical levels function, providing granular insight into budget distribution and usage.

Customized dashboards

When storing all data in, you can apply all native functions. Set up dashboards and get reports fully customized to your needs. dashboard for marketing budget and planning resources


No data is being saved or processed outside, which guarantees the highest security standard.


$500 per month.*

* license not included.


Omnitas Consulting aims to respond within 24 hours to new support requests.


You install the app  from the apps marketplace and pay for the solution with a credit card of your choice directly in the app.

At Omnitas we often work with governmental institutions or NGOs, and we know that credit card payment is not always an option. Contact us if you prefer getting invoices billed annually.


Security and privacy

Make sure that your data is kept confidential with the right people in the right place. is dedicated to protecting all customers’ data, and they follow the strictest security measures on the market to secure and protect your data. Their global privacy program is based on the most comprehensive and advanced data protection legislation, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your data will never leave your account

To ensure the best security for your data our solution will keep all your data within your account. There are no transfers to external servers.

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Don’t forget to check your limitations in

In order to keep board performance speedy and smooth, have implemented some volume limits. Mainly the amount of connected boards and items per board. Make sure to inform yourself about what limits are applied to your account tier through