Omnitas event:
The Future of Work Management
Sweden edition

In partnership with and Make, Omnitas is taking the Future of Work Management on a road trip through Sweden. Come join us in Stockholm, Malmö or Göteborg. This exclusive gathering is designed for business professionals aiming to redefine and improve the way they work. Embark on a journey to discover transformative business solutions and gain invaluable insights that promise to elevate your operational excellence. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to network, learn, and shape the next wave of business innovation.

Event partners

the future of work management mingle stockholm

Save the date: 16th - 19th of April

Exclusive free on-site event with guest speakers, hands-on sessions, live demos and support sessions, mingling, food, and drinks. Please note that these events are all held in Swedish.

Tuesday, 16th April • 13:00 PM
Usine, Södermalmsallén 36-38, 118 28, Stockholm

Thursday, 18th April • 12:00 PM
Helio K6, Kungsgatan 6, 211 49, Malmö

Friday, 19th April • 13:00 PM
Oddwork HQ, Kungsgatan 42, 411 15, Göteborg

The agenda

Dive into the details of our events below. Simply scroll sideways to explore each city’s unique lineup.
Please note that the agendas are subject to slight modifications.

the future of work management interactive workshops

Dive into interactive workshops

At the core of our event are two hands-on workshops designed to inspire and empower you with practical skills you can bring back to your team. Each workshop is crafted to provide a deep-dive into innovative tools and techniques within and Make.

Each workshop is designed as an interactive experience, enabling you to actively participate, ask questions, and practice what you learn. By the end of these sessions, you’ll walk away with actionable insights and skills that you can immediately apply to your workplace and share with your teams. Don’t miss this chance to transform your approach to work management and collaboration.

On-site support sessions and live demos

During the event, we’ll have our Customer Success Managers available for support sessions and Implementation Consultants ready for live demos and onboarding for new customers. This is a unique opportunity for current clients to get high-quality support and for new customers to get to know and try the products. Once you get your ticket to the event, you’ll receive a link from where you can book time slots for support sessions. Live demos can be booked on-site.

the future of work management event consulting session
the future of work management event stockholm

Event speakers

Our stage will be filled with speakers – from, Make, and current clients, to one of our own. You can expect a first-row look into the future of work management. Industry experts will share their knowledge to inspire you and your team to take the step towards a more efficient way of working.

The speakers

At the event, multiple guest speakers will share insightful use cases and ideas for more streamlined work management. The speakers will be presented here for you to get acquainted with. You can also check out our speakers from previous events below.

Jörgen Stålbrand - Stockholm & Malmö

Senior Coordinator – Visit Sweden

Jörgen Stålbrand is leading the legal department at Visit Sweden – the state-owned company responsible for marketing Sweden as a travel destination. At Visit Sweden, Jörgen is, among other things, responsible for procurement, agreements, data security, and change management.

At the events in Stockholm and Malmö, Jörgen will share Visit Sweden’s digital transformation journey of moving the company into with the help of Omnitas. Specifically in the realms of CRM and project management.

work management event speaker

Daniella Ravan - Göteborg

CEO – Oddwork

Daniella Ravan is the CEO of Oddwork, the only combined employer branding and recruitment agency in Sweden. With a degree in human resource management and a background in the recruitment business, Daniella has been with Oddwork since 2017. From helping out at her mother’s bakery as a child to selling her art, she’s not your everyday company leader. If you ask her what she’s most proud of and would never leave out of the leadership equation, it’s her sense of justice and being true to herself—something that has helped her to guide and build solid foundations and structures in Oddwork.

At the event, Daniella will address how their organisation handles project management needs within employer branding and runs detail-rich recruitment processes using Oddwork has a two-part organisation with complex needs. With the aid of, the organisation meets and fulfils all its demands, from billing to project management, follow-ups, and more. From the bottom of their orange hearts, Oddwork claims they would never be where they are today without their internal organisation. As the CEO of an organisation with these needs, Daniella will address the necessity of a suitable project management system and how Oddwork has adapted and changed its internal processes for the better with the help of digital tools – while getting all teams to buy in and thrive, along with these changes.

Yassmin Hezarehnia - Malmö

Product Owner – Oatly

Meet Yassmin Hezarehnia, driving digital product development at Oatly – a company with a goal to reduce cow’s milk consumption by half, making sustainable living accessible to all. With a passion for collaboration and transparency, Yassmin played a pivotal role in transitioning the tech organization at Oatly to, a tool she passionately champions. Today is used across the whole organization as a catalyst driving efficiency and fostering teamwork. As a key member of the Internal Champion team, she supports and empowers colleagues in leveraging the platform’s capabilities in their day-to-day work.

Join this session as Yassmin shares her insights and experiences from Oatly’s migration to, along with her perspective on the key element for maintaining success within the platform.

Hans Björkblom & Magnus Östholm - Göteborg

Project Managers – Skövde Energi

Magnus and Hans both work as project managers at Skövde Energi within District Heating, which is one of their 3 business areas. They work with project management and implementing project models for Skövde Energi. This process is evolving to support and fill the project model with relevant information. Today they are using as their main project tool for the entire project process. The organization has grown quickly which has required new ways of managing projects. From working with no real project tool, mostly Excel, and no project model set as standard, has provided Skövde Energi with a platform to take their project process from an idea to a finished result. The possibility to generate data in different ways in pleases everyone from project managers to engineers, economists, CEOs:s, CFOs:s and board members.

With minimal effort, they can now present the requested data to their internal customers on different organisational levels. They’ll let you know more about this and their journey with during the event.

Speakers at our previous events

Poppy Hannan

Lead Integration Engineer – Flydocs

Poppy Hannan is the Lead Integration Engineer at flydocs. With over 5 years of experience in the Software as a Service sector, she’s had the pleasure of delivering implementation projects to businesses across various industries. At flydocs, the in-house designed software is tailored specifically to the unique needs of the aviation industry, providing their clients with a platform that allows them to create real value from their assets.

In Poppy’s presentation, she shared how their project management process has evolved, thanks to the implementation of One of the most significant improvements they’ve seen is in their collaboration efforts. As an international and remote team, it’s crucial to work together seamlessly, and has allowed flydocs to do just that.

the future of work management guest speaker
the future of work management guest speaker from Saint Gobain

Kyle Tansill

Digital Manufacturing Solutions Architect – Saint-Gobain

Prior to leading Digital Manufacturing Strategy in Saint Gobain’s Life Sciences business unit, Kyle had 15 years of experience in electrical installation, maintenance and automation engineering. This experience, coupled with a child-like curiosity about the power of technology, has led him to drive initiatives that focus on providing value in the trenches of the shop floor. Alongside a degree in Computer Science, Kyle holds vocational qualifications in electrical installation, machinery safety, automation engineering and Agile methodology. His greatest passion now is to find a way to bind people, technology and the business to drive ‘universe-denting’ operational change over the isolated successes he has witnessed since the conception of i4.0.

At the future of work management event, Kyle guided us through their situation before, why they chose it, best practices and lessons learned. He also showed us the tools they’ve built with the help of Omnitas and went through a specific use case focusing on the usage of in Saint-Gobain’s plant in California.

Kim Elliott

Business Support Manager – Global HSE Solutions

Kim is a dedicated professional with a passion for streamlining and improving efficiency. With over 3 years of experience as a Business Support Manager at Global HSE Solutions, and a background as an Office Manager. At Global HSE Solutions, she has played a crucial role in enhancing the organisation’s productivity and effectiveness through software solutions. She is known for her ability to streamline processes, improve communication, and ensure everything runs like clockwork. One of her standout qualities is her proficiency with software solutions like She has used for over 6 years to efficiently plan and execute business processes, track progress, and increase collaboration with colleagues.

In Kim’s presentation, she explained how she integrated into the business and designed the platform to follow the Operational & Commercial processes and Client Frameworks.

the future of work management guest speaker from Global HSE solutions
the future of work management guest speakers from Homewings

Alex Martins & Carmen Pop-Tiron

Head of Finance & Head of Operations – Homewings

Carmen and Alex are a problem-solving duo who have developed various productivity solutions for businesses over the last 4 years, with a focus on accuracy, consistency and scalability.

Alex is at his best when things are not working as they should. With a degree in Economics and qualified as Change Manager and PRINCE2 practitioner, he is passionate about continuous improvement and efficiency, two areas he has been concentrating his efforts as Head of Finance for Homewings.

Carmen has studied Comparative Literature at Queen Mary, University of London, and applied her creative analysis and solution finding methods to develop “plug and play” tools for film and music festivals for the last 12 years, before joining Homewings as Head of Operations to help scale up and adapt the B2C business operations to the commercial sector.

Together they discussed how Make has helped in overhauling and streamlining business processes, from raising purchase orders to managing invoice flow, linking different platforms and documents to manage data flows and automate tasks.

Daniel Scott

Head of Business Operations – Onto

Daniel has 10 years of experience working in operational roles at UK startups. After leaving Onefinestay, he co-founded and served as COO at vacation rental management startup Airsorted (now Houst) before joining Onto to establish a high-performance Business Operations team. Daniel is passionate about using technology and operational design to better serve customers and the business, and ideally to do so at a rapid clip.

Daniel’s presentation showed how Onto used Make to build an automated invoicing process for ad hoc charges, and explained where he sees Make can offer most value to a business’s customer operations.

the future of work management guest speaker from Onto
the future of work management guest speaker from OVO energy

Lexi Niccolls

Creative Operations Manager – OVO Energy

Lexi is the Creative Operations Manager within OVO Energy’s Creative Studio (or as they refer to themselves: the beating heart of the Brand and Marketing department). Over the past year, Lexi has successfully managed the rollout of across the team and wider business, which has been instrumental in streamlining many of their creative and operational processes: think automated briefing forms, resource and
project management, custom workflows, and reporting.

In this session, Lexi took us through their unique setup and provided valuable insights on how OVO’s Creative team managed to bring all their operational processes under one system.