Integromat one of our favorite partners have changed name

Integromat is evolving and in the process changed their name to Make. 
With Make you can integrate almost anything in to your workflow. Visit our new partner page for Make

Let Integromat do the work

Focus on the fundamentals of your business. Let Omnitas Consulting and Integromat automate your workflow to create professional integrations. 

Connect apps and automate workflows in a few clicks. Move data between apps with less effort. You focus on you and your business, let Integromat take some of your manual work and automate it.

Automate every process with Integromat

No required hands on labour, Integromats integration will help you automate the processes that you now do manually. Integromat will work for you 24/7. It will work with your apps and transfers of data. Omnitas can help you to build your automations with Integromat.

Your business automator

Integromat will help you tackle everything from simple tasks to complex workflows in a more efficient way for your sales team, marketing team and IT.

Connect the apps you are already working with

Choose from hundreds of apps or connect to any API. Connect with over 650 apps from every industry you can think of. If your app is not one of the 650 apps, use API to connect anything. Integromat adds new apps every day. 

What makes Integromat unique

Integromat offers cutting-edge features allowing you to create professional integrations. The tool focus on visualizing every step, so you can watch your automation in real-time and see your data flows.

Connect almost any app

Connect to almost any app or service

Thanks to the HTTP/SOAP and JSON/XML modules, Integromat can easily connect to almost any web service without writing a single line of code.

unlimited steps

Unlimited Steps

Your integrations (scenarios) may contain an unlimited number of steps.

integromat templates


Integromat have prepared over 1500 ready-to-use scenarios to help the initial setup. Omnitas can help you with customizations to fit your needs. 

Visualize everything you do

From the ability to track real-time scenario execution to complete visualization of the data that passes through your scenario, watch your scenario unfold in front of you.

scheduling integromat


You can set up an execution schedule according to your preferences. We can execute your scenario up to every minute. Webhooks are handled immediately.



Triggers are modules which are able to return bundles that were newly added or updated (depending on the settings), since the last run of the scenario.


We support transaction processing, which works similarly to classic relational databases.

mobile device for integromat

Mobile devices

Integromats mobile app gives you the power to connect your mobile phone and do amazing things!

Templates for Integromat

Integromat has hundreds of templates for implementation. All of them work great as is, but of course you can customize them to your specific needs. Integromat has many templates so you can automate your processes.

Visualize everything you do in Integromat

Watch in real-time how your automation is executed and how data flows through your scenario. Integromat has an interactive approach to it’s processes.

Functions - as you know them

Integromat comes with the most commonly used functions for working with text, numbers, dates and lists. If you need to sum up multiple values or move a date value, Integromat has funktions that work like Excel

Information in detail about every execution

When Integromat executes a specific scenario, all operations are logged. This way you can see what and when data was processed.

And, if you would like to use Integromat but don’t want  to store any transmitted data, you can just turn the logging off.

Do you want to know more about Integromat?

We at Omnitas are available for support, consultation and implementation of Integromat. Book a meeting with us, and we will tell you more!

Do you want to know more about Integromat?

We at Omnitas are available for support, consultation and implementation of Integromat. Book a meeting with us, and we will tell you more!